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Relocating to Forney & Canton- What You Need To Know

Relocating to Forney & Canton- What You Need To Know

Are you thinking about moving to Forney or Canton, Texas? That's great news! A lot of folks actually camp here for days or weeks before deciding on whether to make these places permanent, and that's just what we're here for! Although we are in Terrell, we are close to Canton and Forney making this little trio a great place to call home.

These lovely towns combine hospitality, small-town charm, and modern conveniences that make them wonderful places to live. Whether you're interested in Forney's proximity to Dallas or Canton's historical appeal and famous First Monday Trade Days, there are reasons to be excited about both communities.. Before you start packing your bags here's what you should know about moving to Forney and Canton.

Relocating to Forney & Canton - What You Need To Know

Location and Lifestyle

Forney and Canton are situated in Northeast Texas, offering a mix of life and convenient urban amenities. Forney, located 20 miles east of downtown Dallas provides access to the city's job opportunities, cultural offerings, and entertainment scene. On the other hand, Canton is 60 miles east of Dallas and offers a slower pace of living with its charming downtown area, scenic countryside views, and well-known trade days event.

Housing Market

When it comes to relocating, one crucial aspect to consider is the housing market. Both Forney and Canton provide a variety of housing options for budgets and preferences. Whether you prefer single-family homes, in family-oriented neighborhoods, or cozy apartments and townhouses there are plenty of choices for you. The housing market in both towns has been steadily growing over the years, making it a great opportunity for people looking to invest in real estate.

Cost of Living

Living in Forney and Canton is particularly attractive due to the cost of living. In comparison to cities like Dallas, expenses such as housing, groceries, and utilities are more affordable in these towns. This makes Forney and Canton perfect for individuals and families who want to make their money go further without compromising on quality of life.


For families with kids, the quality of education is a consideration. Both Forney and Canton have school districts known for their committed teachers, challenging programs, and a range of extracurricular options. Students from elementary through school receive a top-notch education that prepares them well for endeavors.

Recreation and Amenities

Despite their small-town feel, Forney and Canton offer an array of opportunities and amenities. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore parks, trails, and lakes for activities like hiking, biking, fishing, or boating. Golf lovers will find plenty of courses nearby while sports fans can enjoy games, at sports complexes. Both towns have a variety of dining options, shopping centers, and cultural attractions to explore.


One notable aspect of Forney and Canton is their community spirit. Residents actively engage in community events, festivals, and volunteer activities, showing their pride in the towns they call home. Whether it's a parade, on the Fourth of July, a farmers market, or a charitable fundraiser, there are always opportunities for the community to come together.


Quality healthcare services are readily available in both Forney and Canton to cater to the needs of residents. From hospitals and medical facilities to clinics and healthcare professionals these towns offer healthcare options to ensure well-being.

Easy Access To Dallas

Forney provides access to the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex via highways like Interstate 20 and Highway 80, making commuting easier for those navigating urban life. On the other hand, Canton offers a more tranquil commuting experience for individuals seeking respite from the city hustle. Whether heading to work or exploring areas, both towns offer transportation routes.


Apart, from their beauty and recreational offerings Forney and Canton showcase cultural legacies and attractions. Exploring the quaint downtown areas filled with shops and eateries, along with visits to museums, art galleries, and theaters, provides a cultural experience in these lively neighborhoods.

Trade Days

First Monday Trade Days is a known highlight of Canton, renowned as the most extensive flea market that operates continuously in the United States. This bustling event takes place from Thursday to Sunday before the Monday of each month, attracting sellers and buyers nationwide. Whether you're on the lookout for items, handmade crafts, or one-of-a-kind treasures attending First Monday Trade Days is a must for both locals and tourists.

In summary

Relocating to Forney & Canton Texas presents an opportunity to embrace the charm of small-town living while having access, to conveniences. With housing options, top-notch schools, recreational activities, and vibrant communities abound in these towns. Whether your relocation is driven by career prospects, family ties or simply seeking a change of scenery Forney and Canton are welcoming destinations to embrace you!

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