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How to Build a Community When You Live in an RV Park

How to Build a Community When You Live in an RV Park

One hesitation some of our guests have before moving into an RV is the concern about feeling isolated. Leaving a traditional neighborhood to live in an RV park or among a few RV parks as you travel means a different type of social connection. While some RV owners do feel isolated, that certainly doesn't need to be the case.

How to Build a Community When You Live in an RV Park

At Southern Belle RV Park, we have specially designed our grounds and amenities to make connecting with your new neighbors easy, whether you've planned a temporary or long term. Here are some of our tips for building a community when you're living in your RV full time.

Host a Potluck

Potluck dinners are a fantastic way to bring people together without putting too much pressure on any one person. Invite your neighbors to contribute their favorite dish and gather around a communal area like a picnic table or a shared pavilion. We have community spaces that are perfect for this, like our fire pits or picnic tables. It's an easy way to host because all you need to do it choose a date, time, and a couple dishes to share; anyone else looking to connect with neighbors can join you!

Organize a Happy Hour

Happy hour is an even lower effort hosting option. Set up a small table outside your RV with some snacks and drinks and invite your neighbors over for a casual happy hour. This informal setting makes it easy to chat and get to know each other. If it turns out great, you can even make it a regular thing and rotate the hosting duties among neighbors to keep things fresh and avoid putting too much pressure on any one household.

Plan a Group Outing

In our experience, most people who choose to live in an RV have a taste for adventure. Even if you're from different backgrounds or in different life stages, you likely have this in common with many of your neighbors.

Consider organizing a group activity like hiking, biking, or fishing. Think about what you're already planning to do that would work well with a group and extend the invitation.

Host a Themed Night

Themed nights, such as movie nights, game nights, or trivia nights, can be a hit in the RV park setting. Use a projector to show movies outside or set up a table for board games or trivia. Choosing a theme, like a favorite movie, makes it easy to quickly come up with some fun foods, decor, and activities that make it memorable.

Entertain in Your RV

After you've gotten to know a few neighbors, you may decide you want to invite someone over for dinner. Your RV may be smaller than the home you're used to entertaining in, but that doesn't mean you can't host an equally enjoyable gathering. Here are some of our tips to make it comfortable and hospitable:

  • Maximize the use of outdoor space for entertaining. Set up portable tables, chairs, and lights to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Consider investing in an outdoor rug and some comfortable seating to extend your living area outside.

  • If your RV kitchen and dining space are particularly small, keep it simple. Opt for easy-to-prepare meals and snacks that don’t require extensive cooking or cleanup like finger foods and charcuterie boards.

  • Bring out compact and portable games that are easy to set up and play in small spaces. Card games, board games, and lawn games like cornhole or bocce ball can be the perfect addition to a meal.

Plan a Progressive Dinner

Looking to plan something extra special, maybe to celebrate a holiday or birthday? Coordinate a progressive dinner where each course is served at a different RV. Start with drinks or appetizers at one RV, move on to the main course at another, and finish with dessert at a third. It's easier to host when you know it's brief and you're only responsible for a part of the meal, and the movement from one spot to another keeps the party fun and interesting.

Living in an RV park offers a unique opportunity to build a close-knit community and make lasting friendships. You might have to get creative with your space and be intentional about planning get togethers, but many of our guests find that living in an RV ends up being the catalyst to building a truly meaningful community of like-minded people. Want to learn more about scheduling a stay at Southern Belle RV Park? Contact us any time.

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