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Despite the comparatively short amount of time separating the release of this game from that of FIFA 23, Prior is keen to leave me in no doubt that World Cup Brazil featured anything other than full developer support FIFA 23 coins.

"No. We were in production at the same time as FIFA 23, so it's a completely different team," Prior bluntly responds to my question of whether or not the FIFA 23 team was rushed into creating World Cup Brazil following the former's completion. "September or October 2012 we started [development], so we've been working on it for 16 months or whatever it is now."

"It's a full team as well, it's the equivalent [size] of the team that worked on FIFA 23 - it's not just a few people altering an existing game. You couldn't make a game that's as feature-rich as this one without a full team. It takes just too much effort."

With such a 'feature-rich' game, it's tempting to see World Cup Brazil as a test bed for FIFA 23--a relatively low-risk means of experimenting with new features and judging relevant player response. "I wouldn't say that we're using the game as a test bed," Prior tells me. "We're an evolution of the most recent game engine, so, yeah, anything we do would naturally roll into future editions of the game engine and the series.

"Obviously, the caveat to that is that we'll be monitoring player feedback. If we hear that there are things people really don't like about the game--and I would be surprised if that's the case--then we would certainly look at that and re-evaluate whether or not to continue doing it. Much of what we've done was driven by feedback we received from FIFA 23, so we do listen to what players are saying cheap FUT 23 coins."


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